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Essays,Writings, Poems

  • "I Have An Open Adoption: A Celebration of Family and Open Adoption" by Sharon Lind
    Based on the author's own relationships with her children's birth families, this simple story describes the interaction between families in open adoption and emphasizes the common bond of love which brings adoptive and birth families together.
  • "The Birth of A Family" by Carol M.
    The story of one family's journey through foster-adoption and the creation of a love which knows no boundaries.
  • "My New Cousin" by Amanda, age 10
    A young girl expresses her feelings about her newly adopted cousin in verse.
  • "First Steps: Building An Open Adoption" by Sharon Lind
    As Seen In Open Page, Summer 2001. Blessed with two children through open adoptions, the author talks candidly about building relationships with birth families.
  • "Taking Charge by Sharon Lind,
    As Seen In Adoptive Families Magazine, March/April 2001. Her homestudy completed, one mother filled the waiting time with support groups, networking, and even a little shopping.
  • "Open Adoption: The Story of a Special Bond" by SST, Managing Editor
    One family's story of the road to openness and to a special bond between parent and child and between their family and their children's birthfamilies.
  • "The Call" by SST, Managing Editor
    For most adoptive parents, the moment that they first heard about their child is forever marked in their memory. "The Call" is an adoptive mother's memory of this magical moment.
  • "Giving Love Away" by Beverly Walker
    An emotional poem capturing a birthmother's simultaneous feelings of the pain and joy surrounding adoption and placement.
  • "The Day She Was Born" by Jill Hopster
    An adoptive mother recalls her feelings and describes the progression of events surrounding her daughter's birth.
  • "Finding Abbi's Birthfather: E-mail From A Friend"
    Experience the raw emotions of search and reunion through emails from a personal friend. Take a glimpse into her journey as she seeks to embrace her daughter's birthfather and his family into an already open adoption.
  • "My First Mother's Day - My Journey to Motherhood" by Stephanie Riles
    This short speech expresses the feelings of an adoptive mother on her first Mother's Day.
  • "Picture Perfect" by Linda Egan
    A touching essay which describes the true treasures that make a house a home and how the presence of a child changes life forever.
  • "Our Nigerian Blessing--A Poem of Love and Loss" by Jan Ronge
    A deeply moving poem which expresses the hurt and disappointment of a failed adoption attempt.

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