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Voices From the Heart

a collection of writings from those touched by adoption

"Giving Love Away"
by Beverly Walker

Fully awake, I am surrounded by broken dreams,
so painful and throbbing I long to re-enter my nightmares.

Past memories of a perfect love, shattered by lies, a suffocating reality leaves my limbs numb, my body shaking.

The never ending flow of tears pour from my soul,
leaving my heart cracked and empty.

A dreaded future, too unbearable to comprehend,
shows no mercy, offering only more grief.

My womb so full of life, drinking up my love,
coming into a world of suffering and pain.

A small glimmer of sunlight touches my soul,
blending with my tears to form a promise!

Caring, loving, aching arms of strangers anticipating loves arrival.

When I see the rainbow of joy and hope in their eyes,
the gaping wound of my heart will love again.

August 1996

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