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Voices From the Heart

a collection of writings from those touched by adoption

"I Have An Open Adoption:
A Celebration of Family and Open Adoption"
by Sharon Lind

Families are created in many different ways. My family was built through an open adoption. I have a mom, a dad, a brother and a birth mother.

All are very important people in my life.

I see my mom every day. She helps me get dressed in the mornings, makes me lunch in the afternoon and plays games with me.

If I wake up in the night, she is there to give me a hug and tuck me safely back into bed. When I am not feeling well, she cuddles me in my favorite blanket and sings me the lullaby she sang to me as a little baby.

She tells me to wear my helmet when I ride my bike, to chew with my mouth closed and always say "please" and "thank you."

I help her plant seeds in our garden and bake chocolate chip cookies on rainy days. Sometimes we go out and splash in the puddles.

My mom likes to dance, sing, and be very silly--just like me!

My birth mom comes to visit me at our house. We play dress-up and dolls together and share pictures. We also like to play at the park or ride the carousel at the mall together. We like to tell each other funny jokes.

Our time together is special. Sometimes we see each other a lot and other times we don't. In between our visits we talk on the phone and send letters to each other. I paint pictures for her and my mom sends them along with pictures of me and my family.

My birth mom likes french fries and horses. When she was little she played baseball and took dance lessons. She is very dramatic, has a beautiful smile and bright blue eyes-just like me!

For my last birthday my mom organized a big party. My grandpas and grandmas, aunts and uncles, and all my cousins were there. My birth mother came too. At Halloween my dad, birth mom, and I went trick or treating while my mom stayed home with my brother to hand out candy.

My mom says every family is unique. Families are simply groups of people connected by love. Sharing everyday things and special moments together makes us a family.

I have a mom, a dad, a brother, a birth mother, and many people in my life who love me--just because I am me! All are very important and special people. Whether we are together or apart, we are always in each other's hearts.

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