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Voices From the Heart

a collection of writings from those touched by adoption

"Our Nigerian Blessing"
A Poem of Love and Loss
by Jan Ronge

No home to speak of
except in Our hearts.
How could greed and corruption
have kept us apart?

reminders of the dreams that won't come true.
Does it seem so much to ask?
We only wanted you.

Porcelain dolls never played with,
bedtime stories never shared.
An empty bedroom is all we have
after all our countless prayers.

Although we've never met or touched,
you're forever in our Hearts.
Why then does it hurt so much
for us to be apart?

We thought we'd be together
as a family, all as one,
But God has something else in mind.
We pray his Will be done.

Someday we'll be united
on earth or up above.
One thing that you can always know,
You'll always have our Love.

For Hope springs eternal,
and Love will prevail
Our Nigerian Blessing,
Our Sweet Gabrielle.

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