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This site is a place to share the emotions and stories of adoption, both of difficult losses and incredible joys. It is open to anyone and everyone touched by adoption be they adoptive families, birthfamilies, adoptees or members of our extended families and communities. There is a wide spectrum of experiences, positive to negative, from which we can all learn. Our common bonds can be found in the diversity of the emotional journeys we have to share. Please follow the basic guidelines listed below when submitting all work. Thank you for your cooperation. I look forward to receiving your submission.

General Information:

All writings should be in the first person style and can be reflective of any part of the adoptive experience. Please speak with your voice from your life experience using authentic, emotional writing. This is an opportunity to share "how it feels" or the various "why's" rather than an outline of "how we did it." I welcome and encourage writers of all experience levels to participate. As editor, I reserve the right to edit the content of any writing but will not change its substance. Foul language is acceptable within context of a writing or experience, but is not acceptable simply for shock value. Additional editing may be necessary to fit space constraints.


Writings can be of any length and should be sent in the body of an e-mail (not as an attached file) to Submissions. Include your full name, email address, mailing address (since we often receive inquiries regarding published work), and a short biography (be sure to include how you are personally touched by adoption). In addition, please state how you would like the by-line credit to appear on line (your full name, "anonymous", "a birthmother," first name/ last initial, etc.) and an e-mail address, if desired, for readers to contact you directly.


By submitting your writing/poem to "Voices From the Heart," it will be assumed that you approve the writing for inclusion in our website and all other media produced by SST Productions, are granting us non-exclusive rights to publish it, are indicating that you control all rights to this material, and have read our submission policies.

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