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Voices From the Heart

a collection of writings from those touched by adoption

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Adoption. The word conjures up so many emotions and opinions for people and yet, few people understand the world of adoption. For most it is a language so beyond comprehension they don't even try to grasp its true meaning. For me and my family it is the story of a special bond between parent and child and between our family and our children's birthfamilies. This site is a place to share those emotions, both of difficult losses and incredible joys. Contributions are welcome from anyone and everyone touched by adoption be they adoptive families, birthfamilies, adoptees or members of our extended families and communities. Our common bonds can be found in the diversity of the emotional journeys we have traveled. Together our voices can help those outside of adoption to understand its complicated world and feelings. Come listen, learn, and share in the spirit of love, the voices of adoption.

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